world’s largest playable organ

(taken with Instagram)

I was at Macy’s (in Center City) yesterday because I was going to look, just look, at their belts. I never found the belts, but I was sucked in by the shoes and then the watches and finally I was going to see what they had in the women’s section on the second floor. When I got there I noticed that people were sort of stacked up along the inside railing, clearly waiting for something. I remembered from my City Hall tour that this Macy’s, which is in the historic Wanamaker Building, has an organ. I turned my head to the right and noticed, for the first time, these huge, golden pipes climbing the wall. It was kind of amazing.

I soon learned that a). this organ is the largest playable instrument in the world, b). that Macy’s hosts a little mini concert every Wednesday night at 7 p.m., and c). that last night was the 100th anniversary of the organ in the Wanamaker Building. I used my iPhone to record a beautiful song that the announcer said was written for the organ in the 1930s. Please disregard the loud couple that wandered up at the beginning of the recording. They were oblivious to my sidelong glares until the guy turned to me and asked if I knew “when the music was.” I just shook my head and he turned to his companion and said, “Oh, she must be recording.” Ya think? Anyway, who talks through a concert? That’s at about 1:00 minute in. The music crescendos at 5:00 minutes, so if you want to skip ahead to get a taste, I’d recommend starting there.

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