one of my new favorite things

(taken with Instagram)

Mexican Coke in a bottle. It’s more delicious than American Coke because it’s made with sugar instead of corn syrup (ditto for foreign ketchup. It’s amazing!).  Mexican Coke is my new favorite treat because S. and I very recently discovered that a convenience store two blocks from our house sells it by the bottle. It’s going to be a sweet summer…


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7 responses to “one of my new favorite things

  1. Dad

    I can hardly wait to get a taste of that Coke. I also saw boneless roast pig advertised on your market post. Would like to try that, too.

  2. Allison

    Have you ever lived near a Wegmans? You wouldn’t miss Kroger. I hate Kroger now. I really miss Wegmans. I would love to try that Coke. The Coke in Jordan is always better too, I think. Even the Pepsi there is better than the Coke here, although I realize that is slightly blasphemous.

    • We went to Wegman’s a few times in Va, but we didn’t make a habit of it because the traffic was so terrible. It’s funny that you mention it, though, because I just told S. last night that we need to go to Wegman’s this weekend. I agree about the Pepsi, too. It’s the sugar. So much better.

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