I promised you Martha’s Vineyard today, but I’ve been sitting in front of my computer for no less than five hours straight looking for a J-O-B, and I can’t bring myself to sit here much longer. I’m hoping this photo of me on the ferry to MV will hold you over until tomorrow.

Until then, though, I have a few little things to share. Neither Snow, one of my favorite modern calligraphers (who happens to usually live in Philly but has moved to the West Coast for a year), wrote a great post about how she got started. It includes a lot of helpful resources for amateur calligraphers (like me) along with a lot of other fabulous tidbits, like this TED video of Steve Jobs talking about how a calligraphy class at Reed College inspired the design of Macintosh computers.

Also, it’s really weird that I mentioned yesterday how frustrated I get with Photoshop, because I literally happened upon a few mini-tutorials. You can find those here and here. I can’t wait to try them out. Back tomorrow. Ciao, bellas!

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