robshaw sale

John Robshaw, who I love in spite of myself, is having a sale.  I would like a pair of the above chair, please and thank you. Understand that when I say John Robshaw is having a sale, I mean that what would normally cost you an arm and a leg will now only cost you one arm and three fingers from your other hand—thumb, pointer, and pinky. And yet I love him.

I wanted to share, in case you were waiting for just such an occasion to snag a certain pillow sham or, you know, Jacobean bench.

I’m also working on that post office post I promised. I’ll get that up as soon as I can get the photos edited, one of my least favorite things to do.


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6 responses to “robshaw sale

  1. Dad

    Go figure that you would like a chair like that. You know that it would go with the 5 or so (not the latest 2 Moroccan sling chairs) old chairs that have come home with your mother from auctions and have costs a small arm to recover. Like Mother,like Daughter.

  2. You know, I really think you’re right. Margie has a couple of cute little chairs that I’d love to have re-caned and recovered. I decided that I must have the “salvage the chair” gene.

  3. Kathleen

    I knew nothing about this Robshaw fellow until reading your post. But I’ll have what you’re ordering—paisleyish chair? yes please! xoxo—also is neiman’s advertising on panama & pine? congrats!

  4. Ha! Neiman is most assuredly not. That’s all WordPress. I can’t figure out how to make those ads go away. I think I have to pay.

  5. Lauren Dake

    I’ll take two!

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