My name is Stephanie. I’m a small-town Kentucky girl who has recently found her way to Philadelphia via Chicago, the Middle East, Baltimore, and Washington D.C. Last spring, my husband Steve and I picked up and moved from the northern Virginia suburbs of our nation’s capital to a sunny apartment in the heart of Philadelphia, Steve’s hometown.

I’m a writer, and putting words on paper has always helped me find my way. This blog is a place to document all the magic I encounter as I discover a new city, make a new home, and take on new challenges (like learning how to take a decent photo). It’s going to be great! I’ve moved 11 times in as many years (a pretty auspicious number if you ask me!), and it feels like this time it’s going to take.

A few things about me – I studied Classics before I studied journalism. I have taught high school Latin, worked at a city mag in southern Indiana, covered international security at a trade magazine, and written about international taxes (read corporate) for a tax publication. I love all things paper, including but not limited to, honest-t0-God handwritten letters, postal stamps, and calligraphy. Green peas, thunderstorms, and the number 11 also rock. Some things I don’t like – carelessness, brussel sprouts, and the movie Gladiator.

I’d love to hear from you! Send me a note: panamaandpine@gmail.com.

7 responses to “About

  1. kathleen.e.miller@gmail.com

    Yay! I love you, your positive attitude and your adorable blog. And brussels sprouts so we’ll have to disagree there.

    Can’t wait to follow all your fun adventures on panama and pine.

    And I’m with Laura_gotta love that second, sarcastic moving announcement.


  2. Tanya Kirchner

    Miss you guys! Happy Hours just really aren’t the same!

  3. Pingback: panama & pine

  4. NickRock

    Blog looks great Stephanie!
    Nick Austin

  5. Matt

    I just saw this via Twitter. Your pics look great. Let Steve know the Rangers are a majestic team.

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