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bump watch

Me and the Clam rockin MSGM’s Chain Reaction Dress from Rent the Runway at a wedding on Sunday night. Who says a girl can’t be pregnant and stylish?


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a birthday suit, love in a jar, and other happy birthday stories

I loved the Lilly Pulitzer birthday suit that I rented.

S. and I enjoyed a delicious meal Saturday evening at our favorite restaurant, Barbuzzo. We really splurged with a bread pudding for dessert and a budino to-go! This little love in a jar was my breakfast this morn. It’s so good it makes me trill. And dance on my tippy toes. At the same time. Recipe here.

And I rounded out the day’s nutritious meals with macaroons from Garces Trading Company.

It was a lovely day! Thanks to everyone (especially S.) for all the birthday love.

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rose gold sparkle

(Elie Saab spring 2011 rose gold sparkle via Bella Figura’s Pinterest)

Here’s a bit of perfection for your Friday, lovelies. I took it as a sign that I should share when Lily mentioned designer Elie Saab on the episode of Gossip Girl that I watched last night. If I weren’t already married, I’d marry this dress.

And this? This made me want to weep, it’s so gorgeous. Every bit of it.

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things you should know if we’re going to stay friends

1. I love these hats. I want one. Guess which.

2. I bought these John Robshaw pillows (yes, I have a problem) at this awesome sale when I was visiting my friends in the D.C. area a few weekends ago. And while they cost me 100 bones (the pillows not the friends), that’s a third of the original price! And that’s what I call a deal, pickle.

Look. I know it’s a lot of money for two pillows (no kids, remember?), but that bolster is really big and super comfy! I used it as a body pillow on the train back to Philly.

I know you’re judging me, so let’s just move on, shall we?

3. I’ve been meaning to tell you about the second new-to-me website I’ve been loving lately (here is the first). It’s called Byliner, and there’s no cool videos or art to steal borrow for a stand-alone blog post.

Byliner’s great because you can follow writers (mostly long-form journos) that you like and it will recommend stories they’ve written. It also recommends other writers, and so it’s a great way to discover someone new.

And the BEST thing about Byliner is Byliner Originals. It’s exactly what it sounds like—stories written exclusively for Byliner that you can buy on the site. Prices average $2 to $3 each and are downloadable to your iPad (or your reader of choice). Kind of brilliant! Goodbye New Yorker, hello Byliner? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

This is the one I want.

4. Bangs. I love them. Yours, mine, no matter. Well…mostly yours. Mine need to be cut.

5. When RTR goes public, I’m going to buy a million shares.

What’s RTR?

Seriously. You’re going to haveto keep up. (hint: here and here.)

6. John James Audubon was 35 years old when he decided to paint the birds of North America.

Just sayin.

7. I hate our loud neighbors. But I love Gossip Girl. And the universe now feels balanced.

I’m off to drown my sorrows (re: loud neighbors) in some five-year-aged Gouda.



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blast from the past

I was walking the three blocks to our gym in my workout clothes tonight and I decided I *might* need…






wait for it…






(American Apparel)


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NYE fun

Butcher and Singer had it all: Porterhouse steak for two, a balloon drop at midnight, funny hats and noisemakers, old-fashioned cocktails sipped in a booth with a view.

Rent Mark and James by Badgley Mischka’s festive mini sequin pixie dress here. Hope you had a fabulous New Year’s Eve!

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jeanette dress

Lilly Pulitzer’s Jeanette dress which I rented (you heard me!) for an engagement party in NYC over the weekend. It was super cute and fun! Yes, it snowed. Don’t worry; I traveled in my rain boots. You can rent the dress here.


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Rupert Sanderson

(via Rupert Sanderson)

Saw these today here, with a wedge instead of a heel. Sigh…so lovely…

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I’m still working on my freelance story, and I’m feeling tapped out. A little inspiration, that’s what’s needed. Soooooo, here’s a look at what I’ve pinned on Pinterest recently. Ahhh, feeling better already….

(via Jenny’s Southern Comfort via Domino magazine)

(via russell+hazel)

(via Armas Design via {this is glamorous})

(via Nordstrom)


(via stephmodo)

(via Armas Design)

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Histoires de Parfums: 1804


This….smells like heaven. I smelled it here, at the brick and mortar, that is. Not loving the $185 price tag, but you can buy a sample or a smaller bottle here.

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