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flea market find

We’ve been having day after day of beautiful weather here. Yesterday I took full advantage (and walked my butt off)! I woke up early and walked to this flea market about a block from our house. I just knew there was a treasure there somewhere. I did a quick pass before the crowds arrived, didn’t see much, and then headed to the Fabric District to find some material for a nursery project I have in mind (more on that in a later post).

After running a few more errands, I started home and was annoyed that I had to walk through the market again, which was by that time pretty crowded. On my way past one of the sidewalk booths, though, I noticed a pretty little quilt laying there. The tag said, “Old Quilt, $30.”


Yeah, I bought it. And I love it. When I got it home and laid it on our guest bed, I realized it’s twin bed sized. That’s okay. It was still a deal, pickle.


There aren’t any stains on it and some of the edges are just a little worn and frayed, but it’s hand-stitched and will be so pretty in Clam’s room some day. You probably wouldn’t notice at first glance, but in a few places, it looks like the person who made it ran out of the fabric she was using and had to improvise. The orange pieces (see photo on bottom, right) don’t exactly match, and on one side of the quilt, the green border (photo on top right) suddenly turns into a pretty blue. I love it all the more for these little improvisations!

Now, it’s cleaned and folded and just waiting to be used, and my faith in the flea market has been restored. Somewhat.

I’m curious, what’s the best thing you ever found at a flea market?


September 16, 2012 · 2:21 pm

Nursery Ideas

Look. I understand that this is an egregious waste of time, but it’s all I want to do. That nesting thing? Yeah, it’s real. These are a few of my favorite nursery things:

  1. Franklin & Ben Liberty Crib
  2. Auggie crib bedding
  3. Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Marilyn lamp in the color Apple
  4. Famille Summerbell Paris map screen print
  5. Safavieh Soho rug
  6. Castle pink velvet round cushion
  7. blabla’s Sandwich the Cat
  8. That Bowtie I Like print by Michelle Armas
  9. Maurice Sendak in Philadelphia poster
  10. West Elm graphic lidded basket

What do you think? How do you feel about that rug? Shall we obsess together?


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things you should know if we’re going to stay friends

1. I love these hats. I want one. Guess which.

2. I bought these John Robshaw pillows (yes, I have a problem) at this awesome sale when I was visiting my friends in the D.C. area a few weekends ago. And while they cost me 100 bones (the pillows not the friends), that’s a third of the original price! And that’s what I call a deal, pickle.

Look. I know it’s a lot of money for two pillows (no kids, remember?), but that bolster is really big and super comfy! I used it as a body pillow on the train back to Philly.

I know you’re judging me, so let’s just move on, shall we?

3. I’ve been meaning to tell you about the second new-to-me website I’ve been loving lately (here is the first). It’s called Byliner, and there’s no cool videos or art to steal borrow for a stand-alone blog post.

Byliner’s great because you can follow writers (mostly long-form journos) that you like and it will recommend stories they’ve written. It also recommends other writers, and so it’s a great way to discover someone new.

And the BEST thing about Byliner is Byliner Originals. It’s exactly what it sounds like—stories written exclusively for Byliner that you can buy on the site. Prices average $2 to $3 each and are downloadable to your iPad (or your reader of choice). Kind of brilliant! Goodbye New Yorker, hello Byliner? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

This is the one I want.

4. Bangs. I love them. Yours, mine, no matter. Well…mostly yours. Mine need to be cut.

5. When RTR goes public, I’m going to buy a million shares.

What’s RTR?

Seriously. You’re going to haveto keep up. (hint: here and here.)

6. John James Audubon was 35 years old when he decided to paint the birds of North America.

Just sayin.

7. I hate our loud neighbors. But I love Gossip Girl. And the universe now feels balanced.

I’m off to drown my sorrows (re: loud neighbors) in some five-year-aged Gouda.



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robshaw sale

John Robshaw, who I love in spite of myself, is having a sale.  I would like a pair of the above chair, please and thank you. Understand that when I say John Robshaw is having a sale, I mean that what would normally cost you an arm and a leg will now only cost you one arm and three fingers from your other hand—thumb, pointer, and pinky. And yet I love him.

I wanted to share, in case you were waiting for just such an occasion to snag a certain pillow sham or, you know, Jacobean bench.

I’m also working on that post office post I promised. I’ll get that up as soon as I can get the photos edited, one of my least favorite things to do.


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love this!

That’s why I bought it. Hopefully, it means I’ll be able to cart my camera around more. More camera action means more pictures and more pictures means more blog love and move blog love means everybody’s happy. Yep, saving the world one online purchase at a time.

P.S. I ordered it here, and I couldn’t have asked for a quicker delivery (plus no charge for shipping!).

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christmas time in the city

We hopped on a train and headed to New York last weekend for a Christmas getaway in the city. We covered most of our bases: smell the chestnuts roasting on nearly every corner, check; battle the masses to see Macy’s animated windows, check; taxi to Rockefeller Center and squeeze in a few photos before they kick everyone out for the night, double check.

On the food front, we had an amazing lunch at this hole-in-the-wall cafe on Madison Avenue that’s so small it doesn’t even have a bathroom (One diner I know went to the closest one—on the second floor of Barney’s across the street). They have a KILLER turkey sandwich and cheese fries, though. We had dinner at Frank (kind of a tradition for S. and I) in the East Village, home of the best burrata mozzarella in the world! We also enjoyed an amazing meal at Public, where the complementary dishes just kept coming thanks to a friend who knows the manager.

 We kicked around SoHo, where we stumbled upon a Warby Parker pop-up store and determined !again! that I look terrible in glasses (see above). We took a grand tour of Eataly, where you can buy both white and black truffles by the gram (and anything else your gastronomical heart desires); visited the home of Chuck and Serena on Gossip Girl (omg!); professed some major Flatiron love, and strolled through the Union Square Holiday Market (thanks for the rec, Tracy). *And* we popped into Kwiat and I had my rings cleaned (bonus!).

It was a fabulous weekend in the city! We might make it an annual trip. What did we miss? I’ll put it on the to-do list for next year.

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get organized, sheesh.

You’d never know it, but I love organizational supplies. For instance, I’m inordinately excited about my new MyAgenda weekly planner (above). In part, that’s because the folks at my new j-o-b bought it for me (yay!). It’s also because I very much want to BE a completely organized person. I just don’t know where to start. And so I mostly don’t start.

This new job has me thinking more and more about how to get myself together, and I’ve been daydreaming about the following, um, errr….office supplies.

This beautiful rolodex would look so !awesome! on my desk!

(via Envelopments)

And these lovelies: clear acrylic letter trays from CB2, which you could stack if you put some little rubber pads on the bottom of one. Yeah, I chatted with Anne, CB2′s online associate about it today. She thinks that’s a great idea.

(via CB2)

And while these are not organizational, they are highly desirable office supplies. I know because I highly desire them. Behold, Le Pen.

(via Amazon)


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jeanette dress

Lilly Pulitzer’s Jeanette dress which I rented (you heard me!) for an engagement party in NYC over the weekend. It was super cute and fun! Yes, it snowed. Don’t worry; I traveled in my rain boots. You can rent the dress here.


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Rupert Sanderson

(via Rupert Sanderson)

Saw these today here, with a wedge instead of a heel. Sigh…so lovely…

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terrain at styers

As much as I love the city, the country is where I recharge. Lucky for me there’s some pretty spectacular countryside in the ‘burbs of Philadelphia. I saw some greenery yesterday when I drove about 30 miles outside of the city to go to Terrain, Urban Outfitters’ garden center concept. As far as I know, it’s the only one in the country, and I thought you guys might want to see it.

Of course, you can shop on Terrain’s website, but so much of what Urban does really well is creating an environment that transports people and tells a gorgeous story—whether it’s the story of a gritty, slightly dirty, too-cool-for-school twenty-something hipster or that of a down-on-her-luck heiress who’s been banished to the French countryside where she wears the most fetching dresses and collects drawer pulls. The story, the sheer romance of it all, is how they can sell soap next to a special order Australian Tree Fern (want!).

And despite knowing all this, I thought at first I might be disappointed. Terrain at Styer’s, as the brick and mortar is called, is right off a busy highway in the midst of upscale strip malls (DSW and Bubbles Hair Salon are a stones throw away).

As soon as I walked up the little (gravel, of course) path toward the entrance, though, I realized that the nursery, the shop, and the cafe that comprise Terrain at Styer’s are designed so that they create a wonderful little haven. The buildings all look like sheds or barns and are filled with the most gorgeous light fixtures, farm tablescapes, terrariums, and books. You’ll also find lovely scarves and soaps, tulip bulbs, and a vast array of Weck canning supplies.

The nursery is also nice, but as this is a little like walking around a foreign country I’ve visited a lot but where I don’t speak the language, I can’t really comment on anything other than appearance. It was pretty. My impression is it has a medium to smallish selection of plants, but don’t quote me on that. It’s also fall, so that’s a factor.

But we’re not here to buy a fruit tree (50 percent off now), we’re here for the story. We’re here to be seduced by lovely angel hair ferns that spill over shelves like a lush carpet, by raw cotton stalks woven into holiday wreaths, by the heiress’ discarded settee, a large hole in the upholstery of which now serves as a planter for a happy coterie of succulents. We’re here to be transported, and Terrain doesn’t disappoint.

Additional reading: Here’s an article about Urban Outfitters founder Dick Hayne and how he came up with the idea for Terrain.


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