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speaking of champagne…

We never talked about this. Those of you who follow these things, know that I succeeded in my bliggedy blog pledge to post every day for two weeks. It wasn’t easy—I won’t lie—but I did it.

I finally celebrated with a glass of champagne at a BBQ joint near our apartment last week. Nevermind that it came in a can. And the bartender, who kept calling me “Love,” asked if I’d like a glass or if I was happy to drink it with the bendy straw that comes attached. I went glass, but I kind of love the self-sufficiency of the can/bendy straw concept.

As I sat there celebrating the enormous accomplishment of writing a blog post every day for two weeks on the blog I started for fun, I did wonder, “Okay, what next?” Did we learn anything? Did you like some types of posts better than others, Fair Readers? I’m sure you did, but I still didn’t get a lot of feedback. Was it fun? Who enjoyed it; raise your hand.

So, what’s next? I’m not really sure. Should I post every day?  Should I do more recipes or photographs or more Philly fun? I’m not really sure. I’ll think about it. Feel free to weigh in.


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bike riding

I like Volpe Cycles’ clever descriptor, “Purveyor of fine bicycles to the gentry and the poverty stricken too.”

A few things: I’m writing my first story in nearly five months. (The freelance gig, remember?) I’m happy to report it’s going pretty well, just like riding a bike, as they say. And for your information, I am really, really good at riding bikes. Super good. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. There was only that one incident when I forgot how to brake. No one was hurt; I don’t see what the big deal is.

Ahem, anyway, I also want you guys to know that my procrastination skills, a core competency, are at peak performance levels. So don’t worry about that.

One more thing, and then I’m off to write at least 300 more words before bed. It’s been a whole seven days since I made this pledge! You didn’t think I could do it, did ya? Suckas! Let’s pop the champagne! Too soon? Okay, but I want you all to know that it hasn’t been easy what with all the interviews I’ve been on and my multitudinous social engagements.

Let’s plan to do bubbly next week, shall we?

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a delinquent’s pledge

It’s a Mexican Coke type of day, a bookend to what has been, as predicted, a sweet summer in Philadelphia.

Sorry to have disappeared on you again, Internets, but I swear I’m going to do better. In fact, I’m pledging to you right now that I will post at least once a day for two weeks. Starting today. What should you do? Check back in with me early and often (okay, well, maybe not too early), so that when I am refreshing my site stats obsessively (because I’m unemployed and it’s really just the little things right now), I don’t lapse into despair. Seriously.

A Cape Cod post is forthcoming. For real this time. Stay tuned…


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