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the english patient and hedgehogs

S. and I love the movie The English Patient. Love. He has it on his computer and sometimes we’ll just open it up and start watching. It doesn’t matter what part of the movie is playing, we fall right in. It’s so perfect in so many ways—the melancholy wash of golden sunlight that is so perfectly desert and reminds us of our time in the Middle East, the readings of Herodotus, the music… In one of our favorite scenes (and there are many), Count Almásy asks Katharine Clifton, “What do you love?” They are in a bath. “Say everything,” he says.

She responds: “Hm, let’s see… Water. The fish in it. And hedgehogs; I love hedgehogs.”

“And what else?” he says.

Katharine: “Marmite – I’m addicted. And baths. But not with other people. Islands. Your handwriting. I could go on all day.”

“Go on all day,” he says.

Katharine: “My husband.”

“What do you hate most?” Almásy asks.

Katharine: “A lie. What do you hate most?”

Almásy: “Ownership. Being owned. When you leave, you should forget me.”


And so, this is how I have come to love hedgehogs. When I started using Pinterest, I also started tagging hedgehogs wherever I saw them. Here’s a sample of the adorable hedgehog items I’ve found.

(PataPri on Etsy)

(via Kate Bryant’s Pinterest; available here)

(decoylab on Etsy)

(Sara Carr on Etsy)

P.S. I also recommend Michael Ondaatje’s novel on which the movie is based. It’s poetry.

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