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clam loves garland

Our wonderful D.C. friends helped us celebrate Clam with a shower last weekend, and it was the most fun! Our awesome, creative, and lovely-in-every-way artist friend Karen crafted the sweetest decorations for the shower, including this clam garland (which I carefully untacked and brought home with me for Clam’s nursery).

Karen also painted that fab painting in the photo and gave us the gift of a commissioned painting for Clam’s room. Love it!

We have good and true friends in the District, and it’s really the only thing we miss about living there. I’m on a one-woman mission to convince every one of them to move to Philly, pronto! It might take a while.

Thank you all for a beautiful shower. We love and miss you!

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a room with a view

(by Stefan Ruiz, available at 20×200)

Most of my coworkers have a gorgeous view of the Philadelphia skyline from their office windows. So gorgeous that I linger just a little too long when I walk by. I would never, never- ever!, get tired of looking out my window and seeing the tops of those buildings disappear into clouds on rainy days or a sunset reflected back at me on their glass facades … if I had a window.

I’d also be happier and more productive and no I have not had my worms today.

So I decided that I need a huge photograph of a big sky and some kind of view for my closet office. I love the one above of Cairo, Egypt (which I found at 20×200), but the small size is too small and the next biggest size is $600. It inspired me, though, to look through photos of our travels to see if I could find one that would work. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far.

near Petra in Jordan

downtown Amman, Jordan

downtown Amman, Jordan

on the Nile in Luxor, Egypt

And then I found the company LTL Prints, which sells wall decals, and they have this one of Amman that I like:

Or I can have them make a decal from one of my photos. I’m excited that I can just stick it on my wall! But now I can’t decide. What’s a girl to do? Any thoughts, Internets?

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