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chicken and donuts


On the very first day of 2012 (my mom’s bday, Happy Birthday, Mom! and Dad! His is Jan. 2), S. and I forewent all the traditional foods that people eat for luck on New Year’s Day. S. was unaware that such traditions exist and I have no problem flouting tradition if it requires me to eat sausage and sauerkraut and black-eyed peas. Yuck!  It may be an auspicious meal, but I’m looking for delicious, thank you very much.

We walked to Federal Donuts instead to try their much bally-hooed donuts and fried chicken. I’ve been kind of mad at them since they opened in October, when I walked all the way over there two mornings in a row only to find this sign on the door.


The first day, I decided to get up earlier and return the next day. The second day, I was mad as a wet hen, and I haven’t been back.

Until Sunday. When we arrived, it was empty. We ordered two donuts (chocolate and spicy peanut and grapefruit with brown sugar) and six pieces of buttermilk ranch fried chicken. It was a slow day and we left with four extra donuts and twice the chicken that we ordered. I have to admit, that won me over.


The grapefruit donuts with brown sugar glaze were my favorite … although the honey donut that comes with the chicken (yeah, you heard me) is pretty awesome too. I enjoyed the buttermilk ranch chicken that we ordered, but I didn’t love the complementary chili-garlic glazed chicken, although I’m happy we were able to try it.

On our way home, we saw some of these guys (you’re going to want to click on that) and decided to have a very Mummers New Year’s next year and resolved to continue making our own luck.


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