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robshaw sale

John Robshaw, who I love in spite of myself, is having a sale.  I would like a pair of the above chair, please and thank you. Understand that when I say John Robshaw is having a sale, I mean that what would normally cost you an arm and a leg will now only cost you one arm and three fingers from your other hand—thumb, pointer, and pinky. And yet I love him.

I wanted to share, in case you were waiting for just such an occasion to snag a certain pillow sham or, you know, Jacobean bench.

I’m also working on that post office post I promised. I’ll get that up as soon as I can get the photos edited, one of my least favorite things to do.


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If you love John Robshaw’s block printed designs like I love them but don’t love the high prices (hey, I’m with you), you might want to check out West Elm’s new line of hand-blocked quilts and pillows. I swear even some of their new rugs were “inspired” by Robshaw. I was in the downtown Philadelphia West Elm yesterday, and the quilts really do have a lot of the same characteristics that Robshaw’s quilts have. For example, different prints on each side, bold piping on edges, and the same earthy colors. I will say that the West Elm quilts are not as soft as Robshaw’s and have a bit of a scratchy, synthetic feel to them, but they are still lovely.

Here’s a comparison:(West Elm’s Hand-blocked Medallion Quilt)

The Robshaw inspiration pieces follow:

(John Robshaw’s Ludoli Duvet)

(John Robshaw’s Lapis quilt)

Here’s another West Elm quilt:

And a Robshaw comparison:

See more of West Elm’s quilts here.

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periwinkle dreaming

(via Caitlin Creer Interiors)

We have this quilt. We love it. It’s John Robshaw and it was a splurge. S. bought it with some Fantasy Football winnings a few years ago. For a long time I didn’t know how to coordinate it. I wanted to give it that awesome layered Robshaw look with mismatched pillows and patterns. Finally, early this year, Emily at Red Barn Mercantile helped me come up with something with more pizzazz. We added this pattern on a top sheet and pillow cases.

(via Fine Linen and Bath)

We decided to go with white Euro shams that have light blue stitching on the corners.

(via John Robshaw)

It’s still missing something, though. Personally, I think it might be this or something similar:

(via John Robshaw)

And maybe this:

(via No. Four Eleven)

But that all seems a little safe. Take a look at what others have done with the quilt. This is Robshaw’s own guest room, which, along with the rest of his house, was featured in Lonny Magazine last year. Love the rug and that lavender pouf.

(via Lonny Magazine)

Here’s a demo bed at an event at Gracious Home in NYC. I love the purple shams, the top sheet, and the surprising electric pink throw pillow!

(via John Robshaw)

And here’s what they did with it at Hollywood at Home. They have our Euro shams and that gorgeous pomegranate pillow, but I never would have thought to pair it with navy.

(via John Robshaw)

I love how they all look totally different. What do you think? Which do you like best? Is there anything we should copy?


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