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finally, martha’s vineyard.

Outside of Kentucky and the Middle East, this is one of my favorite places ever. When S. and I “planned” (there wasn’t actually much planning) this vacay to Cape Cod, I insisted that we visit Martha’s Vineyard. You hear so much about it, and I just wanted to see what the fuss was about. And there was a lot of fuss. The week leading up to our departure all the talking heads were blathering about why the Obamas were vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard in this time of national crisis. Ummmmm…..because it’s one of the loveliest places on Earth?! Maybe? Or possibly because the Secret Service had cased the place already. It’s one of those two. Anyway, we had a great time, and even saw the president a few times-ish (does SUV with tinted windows two feet from my face count?). We will go back, although I kind of hope the Obamas head to Panama City next time.

We were delighted to find our motel room had a view…of the ferry.

The Flying Horses Carousel is the oldest of its kind in the United States. Riders compete to collect the most brass rings that pop out of that white and red arm on the left side of the photo. Looks like fun!

This is what it looks like when you wait for more than two hours for the president’s wife to leave her brunch spot. We gave up 15 minutes before she left. I have no regrets. We headed here for sandwiches, and they were amazing!

Hello, backyard!

The Sweet Life Cafe = heaven.


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I promised you Martha’s Vineyard today, but I’ve been sitting in front of my computer for no less than five hours straight looking for a J-O-B, and I can’t bring myself to sit here much longer. I’m hoping this photo of me on the ferry to MV will hold you over until tomorrow.

Until then, though, I have a few little things to share. Neither Snow, one of my favorite modern calligraphers (who happens to usually live in Philly but has moved to the West Coast for a year), wrote a great post about how she got started. It includes a lot of helpful resources for amateur calligraphers (like me) along with a lot of other fabulous tidbits, like this TED video of Steve Jobs talking about how a calligraphy class at Reed College inspired the design of Macintosh computers.

Also, it’s really weird that I mentioned yesterday how frustrated I get with Photoshop, because I literally happened upon a few mini-tutorials. You can find those here and here. I can’t wait to try them out. Back tomorrow. Ciao, bellas!

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Cape Cod – the mainland

I have a secret. I hate editing photos in Photoshop. I can’t help it. It’s just soooooo tedious, and to be honest, I’m not as good at it as I’d like to be, which is frustrating. That dirty secret is why I haven’t told you anything about our trip to Cape Cod (now a distant memory), except this bit about S.’s camp. I think I’ve gotten my act together now, though, and will now regale you with stories (mostly pictoral in nature) of our travels.

(via Everything Cape Cod)

First, here’s a map. I find these helpful when in unfamiliar territory. Maybe you do too. We stayed a few days on the mainland in Brewster before heading to Martha’s Vineyard.

I was surprised at just how cute everything was—the cedar shingle siding on every house, lush wildflower landscaping, and old timey general stores.

The Woodshed is a bar we never made to for the “exotic cocktails” that it promised, but isn’t it darling?

We ate at the Box Lunch three times and it never disappointed. The Lobster My Way sandwich (shown below) kept me from deviating from my “lobster at every meal” policy.

We took at short tour of Hyannis, where I photographed the library, because even it was cute.

This is the port in Hyannis, where S. and I ate our Box Lunch sandwiches. It may or may not be the famed Hyannis Port. We’re not sure. Common sense would say yes, but you never know.

And, finally, who can’t appreciate an establishment that wants to advertise both fried seafood and ice cream on its sign? There’s a million places like this in Cape Cod. People just pull up, get their lobster dinner, and eat it on a picnic table. When they’re finished they go back and order an ice cream cone.  I love that! No fuss. Just delicious.

We’ll do Martha’s Vineyard tomorrow. I’m just squeezing this post in on time. There’s nothing like waiting ’til the last minute. Good night!


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Cape Cod + MV

We’re back from an amazing vacation in Cape Cod! We spent a few days in Brewster and a few more on Martha’s Vineyard with the Obamas (well, not with the Obamas, but they were there too) and spotted the president at least once. More on all this soon. After a seven-hour drive home today, we’re ready to fall in bed. Check back tomorrow for more…xoxo.

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