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happy happy happy halloween

I tagged along with our Philadelphia niece and nephews tonight as they trick or treated on Delancey Street. I didn’t photograph a ghost this year, but just like last year, it was a mosh pit of little creatures – sharks and tigers and Dorothys from the Wizard of Oz. Some of the residents really go all out with dry-ice fog, scary sculptures, and elaborate costumes. All of it combined with the cobblestone street and the cold air and the smell of a fire burning in a fireplace somewhere nearby is just spooky delicious! And the candy! It’s the good stuff. No off-brand taffy that you can’t trade for anything. I love it! Halloween is one of my favs!

Shout out to a certain fairy princess and Thor (with accidental glitter hair instead of silver) in Kentucky. Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!


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bump watch


This is what a 27-week Clam looks like.

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moving. again.

I hate moving. At some point in my life, I won’t do it every year. Right?


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Uncle Billy

My mom’s eldest brother, my Uncle Billy, died on Wednesday. That’s him in the red hat and sunglasses. That’s me in my pink Sanibel Island t-shirt and red jellies. I love this photo. I love how me, my brother, and my cousin Zack stairstep up with Uncle Billy behind. Not one of us is his own child, and yet in the middle of summer, on a random weekday, he carted us out to the racetrack.

When I think of Billy, I think of the track. When I think of the track, I think of Billy and very often of this day. The photo wasn’t an accident; it was promised ahead of time. “We’re gonna get our picture made with a horse!” In my memory, the whole day is colored by the promise of this photo. You have to win to be in the Winner’s Circle photo, and I’ve always wondered how Billy knew that Lucy’s Late was going to win. Although, when I look at the photo finish these 25 years later, it seems like it might have been a no-brainer. (How many lengths would you say Lucy put between herself and good ol’ Two Liner?) At the time, though, to an eight-year-old who loved horses and the adventure of the racetrack, it was a little bit of magic.

My Uncle Billy didn’t so much talk as roll out words in a monotone mumble. If you didn’t know him,  you’d never guess he had a yard full of hostas and ferns and all that’s good and green. He knew about plants in the way that my mom knows about plants and the way my grandmother knew—what to plant in full sun or partial, what to separate and when, why this plant or that one didn’t come back like it should have. I didn’t get that gene, but I wish I had.

Uncle Billy was complicated and flawed, as we all are, but he was funny and generous, indulgent and kind-hearted. And that’s a lot.

And here he is “giving away” my mom at my parents’ wedding. Check out the brown shoes with the black tux. Classic.


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chicken and donuts


On the very first day of 2012 (my mom’s bday, Happy Birthday, Mom! and Dad! His is Jan. 2), S. and I forewent all the traditional foods that people eat for luck on New Year’s Day. S. was unaware that such traditions exist and I have no problem flouting tradition if it requires me to eat sausage and sauerkraut and black-eyed peas. Yuck!  It may be an auspicious meal, but I’m looking for delicious, thank you very much.

We walked to Federal Donuts instead to try their much bally-hooed donuts and fried chicken. I’ve been kind of mad at them since they opened in October, when I walked all the way over there two mornings in a row only to find this sign on the door.


The first day, I decided to get up earlier and return the next day. The second day, I was mad as a wet hen, and I haven’t been back.

Until Sunday. When we arrived, it was empty. We ordered two donuts (chocolate and spicy peanut and grapefruit with brown sugar) and six pieces of buttermilk ranch fried chicken. It was a slow day and we left with four extra donuts and twice the chicken that we ordered. I have to admit, that won me over.


The grapefruit donuts with brown sugar glaze were my favorite … although the honey donut that comes with the chicken (yeah, you heard me) is pretty awesome too. I enjoyed the buttermilk ranch chicken that we ordered, but I didn’t love the complementary chili-garlic glazed chicken, although I’m happy we were able to try it.

On our way home, we saw some of these guys (you’re going to want to click on that) and decided to have a very Mummers New Year’s next year and resolved to continue making our own luck.


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christmas time in the city

We hopped on a train and headed to New York last weekend for a Christmas getaway in the city. We covered most of our bases: smell the chestnuts roasting on nearly every corner, check; battle the masses to see Macy’s animated windows, check; taxi to Rockefeller Center and squeeze in a few photos before they kick everyone out for the night, double check.

On the food front, we had an amazing lunch at this hole-in-the-wall cafe on Madison Avenue that’s so small it doesn’t even have a bathroom (One diner I know went to the closest one—on the second floor of Barney’s across the street). They have a KILLER turkey sandwich and cheese fries, though. We had dinner at Frank (kind of a tradition for S. and I) in the East Village, home of the best burrata mozzarella in the world! We also enjoyed an amazing meal at Public, where the complementary dishes just kept coming thanks to a friend who knows the manager.

 We kicked around SoHo, where we stumbled upon a Warby Parker pop-up store and determined !again! that I look terrible in glasses (see above). We took a grand tour of Eataly, where you can buy both white and black truffles by the gram (and anything else your gastronomical heart desires); visited the home of Chuck and Serena on Gossip Girl (omg!); professed some major Flatiron love, and strolled through the Union Square Holiday Market (thanks for the rec, Tracy). *And* we popped into Kwiat and I had my rings cleaned (bonus!).

It was a fabulous weekend in the city! We might make it an annual trip. What did we miss? I’ll put it on the to-do list for next year.

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Happy Birthday, S.

S. had a birthday today. We celebrated with sea bass, salad, and birthday cheesecake. And then we rested (and by we, I mean I). And it was good.


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Happy 11-11-11! I’m kind of obsessed with the number 11, and I’ve been waiting for this day for years! Um, for real. I hope you all have a great day full of magic!



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jeanette dress

Lilly Pulitzer’s Jeanette dress which I rented (you heard me!) for an engagement party in NYC over the weekend. It was super cute and fun! Yes, it snowed. Don’t worry; I traveled in my rain boots. You can rent the dress here.


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autumn sunday

Today was the most gorgeous fall day in Philly. I bought a loaf of Wild Flour Bakery sourdough bread at the Headhouse Farmers’ Market, cooked a delicious frittata, and played checkers in the suburbs with one of my nephews. I also tried to document the amazing, dappled sunlight (see below) of our first fall in Philly. I hope you all had a great weekend!


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