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rose gold sparkle

(Elie Saab spring 2011 rose gold sparkle via Bella Figura’s Pinterest)

Here’s a bit of perfection for your Friday, lovelies. I took it as a sign that I should share when Lily mentioned designer Elie Saab on the episode of Gossip Girl that I watched last night. If I weren’t already married, I’d marry this dress.

And this? This made me want to weep, it’s so gorgeous. Every bit of it.

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I’m still working on my freelance story, and I’m feeling tapped out. A little inspiration, that’s what’s needed. Soooooo, here’s a look at what I’ve pinned on Pinterest recently. Ahhh, feeling better already….

(via Jenny’s Southern Comfort via Domino magazine)

(via russell+hazel)

(via Armas Design via {this is glamorous})

(via Nordstrom)

(via Gilt.com)

(via stephmodo)

(via Armas Design)

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pinterest love

Who’s on Pinterest, raise your hand. I love it! For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, Pinterest is basically an online bulletin board where you can “pin” things you find online. It’s the cyber equivalent of ripping a page from a magazine and filing it away for future reference. For example, I recently pinned this, because there is nothing I don’t love about it:

(Apartment Therapy)

And this because I kind of want those fun pantses (sic)!


And this because I’ve added it to my summer reading list.


And this because I thought it was pretty and apparently others do too. It’s been repinned 148 times.

(Southern Living via Room Polish)

You get the picture. You can also organize all your “pins” into “boards.” So, for example, the first photo above is on my “home sweet home” board, the second is on my “style me pretty” board, the third is on my “required reading” board, and the fourth is also on “home sweet home.” You can see all of my boards and pins here.


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