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philatelic love

(Garden of Love (2011), via by José Ortega Beyond the Perf)

Have you ever thought about stamps? I mean really thought about them? I love them and here’s why: I really do think they tell us something about human nature. Here’s this entirely practical item, the postal stamp. You affix it to an envelope or package, and it signals that you paid for an item’s delivery. The post office could use any old mark to show that, but instead we have these little individual works of art. It’s kind of the same with coins (throughout the ages, really), but stamps are different because they can be so creative and beautiful and they come out more often so there’s more variety.

I especially love the new Love stamp (featured above). I am not into Owney the Postal Dog. Even though he is described on the website as “one of the most famous dogs who ever lived,” I have never heard of him. Why then doesn’t Owney have his own biography like this guy does? Talk to me when you have a postal cat.

Last week, Neither Snow pointed me to Beyond the Perf (essentially the U.S. Postal Service’s blog), where they are revealing a new 2012 stamp each day. The BIG philatelic nerd in me thinks it’s genius!


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