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If you love John Robshaw’s block printed designs like I love them but don’t love the high prices (hey, I’m with you), you might want to check out West Elm’s new line of hand-blocked quilts and pillows. I swear even some of their new rugs were “inspired” by Robshaw. I was in the downtown Philadelphia West Elm yesterday, and the quilts really do have a lot of the same characteristics that Robshaw’s quilts have. For example, different prints on each side, bold piping on edges, and the same earthy colors. I will say that the West Elm quilts are not as soft as Robshaw’s and have a bit of a scratchy, synthetic feel to them, but they are still lovely.

Here’s a comparison:(West Elm’s Hand-blocked Medallion Quilt)

The Robshaw inspiration pieces follow:

(John Robshaw’s Ludoli Duvet)

(John Robshaw’s Lapis quilt)

Here’s another West Elm quilt:

And a Robshaw comparison:

See more of West Elm’s quilts here.

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