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I promised you Martha’s Vineyard today, but I’ve been sitting in front of my computer for no less than five hours straight looking for a J-O-B, and I can’t bring myself to sit here much longer. I’m hoping this photo of me on the ferry to MV will hold you over until tomorrow.

Until then, though, I have a few little things to share. Neither Snow, one of my favorite modern calligraphers (who happens to usually live in Philly but has moved to the West Coast for a year), wrote a great post about how she got started. It includes a lot of helpful resources for amateur calligraphers (like me) along with a lot of other fabulous tidbits, like this TED video of Steve Jobs talking about how a calligraphy class at Reed College inspired the design of Macintosh computers.

Also, it’s really weird that I mentioned yesterday how frustrated I get with Photoshop, because I literally happened upon a few mini-tutorials. You can find those here and here. I can’t wait to try them out. Back tomorrow. Ciao, bellas!

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summer makeup

I changed my summer makeup routine when I found this video on Sephora‘s website a few weeks ago. I was looking for a more natural, low-maintenance, glowy look for my skin, and I’ve been pretty happy with the results. I don’t follow all the instructions, but I did get a few ideas from it. I also didn’t want to buy anything new, so I just adapted the recommendations on the video to the products I already had. I now blend my moisturizer (Olay Complete with SPF30) with my foundation (Covergirl TRUblend). I use Clinique’s Up-lighting Liquid Illuminator on the places the sun hits my face most (on my forehead, nose, cheekbones, and chin), and I use a lipstick (Clinique’s Long Last Lipstick in All Heart) in place of a cream blush and apply it to the apples of my cheeks. And, voila!, I’m ready to start my day…or, you know, my afternoon, depending on when I get my act together.

Anyone have any other tips I should try?

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cinemagraph magic

(Cinemagraph by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg)

How much do you love this? I was introduced to “cinemagraphs” a few months ago when I started reading From Me to You, the tumblr of uber talented photographer Jamie Beck. Now I can’t get enough. There is something so magical about them!

I confess that I don’t yet understand the technicalities of creating cinemagraphs, which I think involves using a still photo and a video to make a GIF file. The artistry, though, that’s something I get on a gut level. It still captures a moment, but the moment is alive somehow. But the genius of many of Beck and Burg’s cinemagraphs is in the part of the photo they decided to animate. Take a look at this cinemagraph of Vogue Editor Anna Wintour during fashion week.

It’s perfection! Beck called the image “Anna Sees Everything” and told The Atlantic that it “touches on the ‘ultimate portrait’ — an image that captures the essence of a person through an action or a scene they are closely associated with.”

Get thee to Beck’s tumblr to see more of the duo’s cinemagraphs! Here’s a tutorial by Kert Gartner, if you’d like to try to make one yourself. If you attempt it, let me know how that goes for you!


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