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clam loves garland

Our wonderful D.C. friends helped us celebrate Clam with a shower last weekend, and it was the most fun! Our awesome, creative, and lovely-in-every-way artist friend Karen crafted the sweetest decorations for the shower, including this clam garland (which I carefully untacked and brought home with me for Clam’s nursery).

Karen also painted that fab painting in the photo and gave us the gift of a commissioned painting for Clam’s room. Love it!

We have good and true friends in the District, and it’s really the only thing we miss about living there. I’m on a one-woman mission to convince every one of them to move to Philly, pronto! It might take a while.

Thank you all for a beautiful shower. We love and miss you!

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video fun

(Postcards From Italy from andrew+carissa on Vimeo.)

I’m here. Where are you?

Wherever you are, I hope it’s fabulous! Here’s a video I found while surfing the internets. That cute couple are the brains behind a blog I just started reading, rockstar diaries. They have the cutest baby ever. And don’t forget the bulldog.

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I am enjoying this book…somewhat reluctantly. There was a time last summer when people came together around this book and its author like I have never seen. They clamored to get their hands on it, to read it and say how amazing it is, to add it to their book club.¬†Somehow we all knew that President Obama was reading it, and The New York Times called it “a masterpiece of American fiction.” It struck me as some pretty masterful marketing (and still does).

In the thick of the buzz, which seemed to descend all at once, I attended the National Book Festival on the National Mall. After a talk by biographer Stacy Schiff (who was then awaiting the release of her book about Cleopatra), someone in the audience asked what books Schiff was reading. She said something along the lines of: “Like everyone else I’m reading Franzen’s Freedom.” I don’t know if it was jealousy or paranoia or what (on my part), but it felt very clubby and gross, like there was something more going on behind the scenes than just another amazing book by another talented American novelist. The swiftness and intensity of the reaction to Freedom felt as manufactured as everything else in our nation’s capital.

Which is not to say I thought the praise itself was undeserved. It just felt really over the top. The reception for most “serious fiction” (Is that a term? It’s obnoxious, I agree.) is a blip, a few well placed reviews here and there and that’s it. I definitely think Franzen’s a great talent (although I’m only on page 174 of 562 pages so far), but there are other contemporary fiction writers who have less name recognition and equal or near equal talent. Louise Erdrich and Kevin Brockmeier come to mind.

Sitting in a folding chair on the Mall in the sweltering swampy heat of D.C., I decided I would not be reading Freedom any time soon (although I knew I would eventually read it). That was last summer. All of this to say, this summer I am enjoying it, but I feel conflicted about the whole thing. Any thoughts?

Also, I want to point you to a new section on the right sidebar. “Currently Reading” shows you, well, what I am currently reading. I also included the book I just finished (In the Garden of Beasts. HIGHLY recommend. Super awesome new nonfiction book by Erik Larson, who also penned The Devil in the White City) and what I plan to read next (which is always subject to change). Please send recommendations my way too!

Okay, thanks for humoring me. Let me know what you think. I’m curious.


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d.c. drabulous

Photo by Fovea Centralis

We didn’t love D.C. We tried to love it. For nearly three years, we tried to love it. We loved some things about it (like this and this and this), but it just never felt like home. A good friend who lives in the Midwest visited several times and always noted the abundance of people on the street, in the airport, at the train station, wearing black and brown and navy. A small observation, but a vivid one.

I don’t want to start on a down note, though. So let me tell you the best thing about D.C. – the amazing friends we have there. So while this blog was inspired by our move to a city with color!, I know I have a cheering section in the national capital region too. Yay! I miss you guys! You know who you are.


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