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Hello, Internets! Oh, how I missed you! My apologies for running away for a week without checking in. We went to the shore early last week and then to the lake in K-Y for a nice, long weekend with family. We had a lot of fun in the sun, and I now have a pretty good burn on the back of my legs to show for it. I wonder how that happened?

We also had a taste of our one-year-old wedding cake, which has been hanging out in my parents’ freezer. Surprisingly, it was still good. Lemon cake with raspberry icing and buttercream frosting, yum! Thanks, Virginia! I never intended to save it in the first place, but I forgot to inform the Seelbach and they didn’t cut it at the reception.  It wasn’t as pretty as it once was, but I’m glad we were able to enjoy it again. Here’s a look:

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! I’ll be here all week, I promise. Check back again soon!


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